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Our cleanroom supplies help you maintain a low level of environmental pollutants, including dust, aerosol
particles, airborne microbes and chemical vapors. We have over 10 years experience selling clean room supplies
and understand what is needed to keep your controlled environment clean. We stock a huge selection of
cleanroom products including lint free apparel, wipes, mops, disinfectants, tacky mats and everything else you
use in a controlled environment. We specialize in USP 797 compliance, working with pharmacies and
pharmaceutical manufacturers as an integrated cleanroom supplier of apparel, cleaning products and more.
Keep informed about the latest cleanroom supply trends by reading our
cleanroom blog.
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Your One-Stop Source For Clean Room Supplies & USP 797 Cleaning Products

Call our USP 797 pharmacist consultants for expert advice for any of our cleanroom supplies.
With all the regulations and the variety of
cleanroom products available, it is easy to get confused
when trying to choose the best supplies for your cleanroom.

We support some of the most well-respected research, technology and manufacturing companies
in the world. Our trained customer service is very knowledgeable about current clean room trends
and new cleanroom products on the market. We work directly with the highest quality supply
manufacturers and get special pricing that we pass onto our customers. We sell all categories of
clean room products used in critical environments like cleanroom gloves, tacky floor mats,
cleanroom wipes, cleanroom mops, cleanroom disinfectants, cleanroom clothing and USP 797
approved cleaning supplies.

Your Supplier of High Quality Clean Room Supplies

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